Buying acreage for a new home? Consider a Septic System.

Families are craving more land and many are opting to buy acreage and build a new home or even renovate or tearing out an existing home.

One of the many choices you may be faced with when building is connecting to sewer lines or adding a septic tank to remove waste from your home. For details on how each system works click here. Basically a sewer system removes waste from your home and takes it to a waste water treatment center. If you live near neighborhoods this option may be available to you. Many areas are too far from these sewer lines so you can choose a septic system for your homes waste by installing a private sewage treatment septic tank. Our team installs concrete septic tanks and plastic if getting to the space is challenging.

When installing a septic tank you’ll want to avoid intrusions nearby such as tree roots. Some say septic systems offer environmental advantages over sewer systems as using a septic system lessons the risk of raw sewage discharges from treatment plants. Aging sewer lines can leak untreated effluent into soil and therefore contaminate local groundwater. For additional advantages of a septic system click here.

Our team helps clients install their own septic tank or connect to sewer lines and we’d be happy to discuss each with you. Contact us now to discuss.